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With Damak builders, your dream deck is sure to land in your yard.

We are the choice of many North Brisbane property owners when it comes because we let you work on your deck concept and apply it in the most cost-effective manner. Thus allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space while adding beauty and value to your property. 

Learn more about the different types of decks we construct just for you:


Types of Decks in North Brisbane


 There are different decks to suit your preferences. Here are the following:


Multi-level decks in North Brisbane


A multi-level deck consists of layers with different heights, which is common among sloping blocks. Through this, you can add separate levels for unique functions. Talk to us so we can design one according to your needs. 

Freestanding decks in North Brisbane

Freestanding decks are decks that are separated from the house with no overhead roof. This can be built around existing trees for additional style and value to your property. This makes it the perfect deck for sunbathing and other summer activities.


Pool and spa decks

These decks commonly use treated wood materials to compliment the overall look of the area. It is built around:

  • Pools
  • Spas
  • Hot bathtubs


Thus, adding one to your property will most certainly make it even more elegant and sophisticated. 


Attached decks

Attached decks are used to expand or add space in living areas. These decks are attached to the house that has bi-fold or sliding doors that serve as the separator. 

Add one to your property for a larger living space, especially if your family frequently celebrates large occasions. 


Let’s talk for that perfect Deck in North Brisbane

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