Services5 Reasons To Consider House Extensionsin North Brisbane

Damak Builder understands that life conditions change. Families grow bigger, people get older, and so as the need for additional spaces. Thus, the need for a reliable builder to keep your mind at ease while they construct your house extension in North Brisbane.

Why a house extension in North Brisbane?

More and more people in North Brisbane are opting to extend their house due to the following reasons:



Through remodelling, a house can be modern, stylish, and more convenient to live in.

It creates new spaces and ambience which gives your home a makeover.


Lifestyle Change

You may need extra space for your home office to help balance family and work time. Thus, rather than putting your office desk beside the bedroom, it would be wiser to create a separate room for it.

You may also focus on your health, thus a dedicated room for gym and yoga practices may be necessary. Place it near the deck so you’ll have a refreshing ambience to cool down after your daily health routine.

We can help you with the design and planning of your house renovation in North Brisbane. Send us a message. 

Increased Property Value

House extensions improve the quality of the house thus adding value to it. So before you sell your property in North Brisbane, how about adding a new room to brag to it. You’ll be surprised by how much this can increase its value.


Additional Family Member

As your family grows, the house becomes smaller. A room extension provides your home with a unique space for additional relaxation, household chores, and privacy. This includes adding another bathroom to even make it more convenient. Now, there will be no more waiting time to take that warm bath at night.


Utilising outdoor spaces

Add a stunning deck or garden to your outdoor spaces rather than it remaining stagnant for years. Maximise your space so it can be used and admired for special occasions with your family and friends


Why Choose Damak for Your House Extension Needs?

With our years of experience and professionalism, Damak Builders ensures you receive high-quality workmanship for all your house extension needs.  Send us your plan or let’s sit together and design one according to your preferences. Schedule an appointment with us. Complete our online form.